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Off-Campus Living is the University’s exclusive source of information for all graduate student accommodations and off-campus housing questions. »


City living can be both exciting and challenging. Rest assured that we’re committed to making your housing experience as safe, comfortable, and convenient as possible. »


The University of Pittsburgh has a strong commitment to the environment and sustainability projects on campus. The environmental impacts of our operations are kept in mind when maintaining the fourteen residence halls to create a more sustainable campus. »


Bulbs burned out? Just a trickle from the tap? Panther Central can set things right. »


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At Panther Central, we pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of choices to suit each student's campus lifestyle.

To make your selections easier, we've compiled publications that explain everything you ever wanted to know about your campus options (but were afraid to ask). »

Suggestions & Feedback

Please drop us a line and let us know how we're doing. We'd love to know if you have comments or suggestions about how we can improve our services for you. »

Selection Process

Feeling lucky? Each spring, eligible students living on campus select their accommodations for the following academic year through an online lottery. »

Home away from home

Whatever your preference, you'll find comfort and convenience in your home away from home. We offer a wide-range of housing types to suit your lifestyle during your tenure as an undergraduate on-campus resident. Our housing environment is rich with amenities such as online network access, e-mail kiosks, study and recreation lounges, fitness centers, coffee carts, and special living communities.

The housing options page provides an outline of on-campus housing options available to freshmen and upperclass students. Please visit the housing map section for a detailed overview of each housing option.

Nordenberg Hall

New Residence

Opening this fall, Mark A. Nordenberg Hall is our newest residence hall, housing 559 first-year men and women in air conditioned doubles and triples. Each floor offers two large lounge areas, two smaller study lounges, communal bathrooms, and a laundry room. For more information,  please  click here.


Take a Tour

Tour a few University housing choices through the eyes of a resident.

Panoramic tours are available for Bouquet Gardens, Pennsylvania Hall, Forbes Hall, and Bruce Hall.


Have a question about housing? The answer may be here. »


Housing Map

The University offers several housing options to undergraduate students, from the rich diversity of our residence halls to the more self-reliant environment of apartment-style living. »

Housing Contacts

Can’t find what you are looking for? Check these frequently asked questions for your answer. Or contact Panther Central.




Due to the increase in bedbug infestations across the nation, we have provided a Bedbug Information Guide (PDF) so that we can all be diligent in preventing their arrival or spread to our campus.

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